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Solar and/or Energy Storage Asset


Selecting the right partner to manage your asset is critical to the long term success and optimal performance of your solar and energy storage system. If done correctly, a well maintained asset can perform 10-30% better than one that is not. Many providers in this space have never developed a solar or energy storage system before. Louth Callan Renewables takes a unique approach to operations and maintenance keeping in line with our core values of Taking Initiative and Going the Extra Mile. Using the latest AI technology and data analytics, our region leading Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors the energy production in real time, on all managed sites, pushing production and maximizing system revenue for you. We offer three different plans that can be integrated in a flexible fashion for a completely customized solution.

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Data Analytics & Performance Engineering


It’s the year 2020 and if data isn’t your best friend by now, it sure will be soon! Louth Callan Renewables has invested in the latest technologies and AI data analytic software to provide real time, intelligent asset monitoring. We offer transparent monitoring, giving you access to live data 24/7, 365 days a year. By using our advanced project management platform, you are able to see real time notes, scheduled maintenance calls, warranty work (scheduled and completed) and any inverter issues currently being worked on. With operations team members strategically located across New England and a dedicated operations and maintenance team, we deliver weekly asset reports showing estimated revenue vs real time revenue so you know your asset is overperforming.

Silver Plan

Louth Callan Renewables Silver plan is second to none and is a major reason why your asset will continually exceed revenue expectations month after month. Aligned with our core value of Going the Extra Mile, LCRs preventative maintenance plan includes visual inspection of your asset and BoS components such as combiner boxes, disconnects and your Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). Drone flyovers to complete thermal scans on all DC wiring, inverters, transformers and other electrical equipment help us identify issues before they get out of hand. To round it out, torque checks, DAS maintenance, pest control, vegetation control and system security are also included.


Gold Plan

Expanding on our Silver Plan, the Gold Plan adds in a 24 hour emergency response time and written report for emergency care. This is where our operations and maintenance team has their chance to shine. There will always be electrical and environmental conditions that are bound to occur throughout the life of your system. We add spare parts into our inventory management to simplify maintenance planning and preserve uptime in the event of an unforeseen issue. Our team is certified by all major equipment manufacturers to complete warranty work, allowing for more focus on revenue generation. Through our regularly scheduled systems testing and verification, real time monitoring, thermal imaging and calibration services we guarantee an improvement in system performance, time and time again. Finally, we provide full system reports on a weekly, monthly and annual basis showing site activity, system performance, weather data and asset life-time performance.

Platinum Plan

Louth Callan Renewables Platinum plan is the best of the best, stacking up all the resources available in our Silver and Gold plans, we expand our services into array washing, availability guarantees, performance ratio guarantees, enhanced management and reporting as well as advance security plans. We work with you to provide on site staffing, regulatory compliance and any additional, unique requirements you may have. By leveraging the collective experience of our operations and maintenance team, you benefit from a plan that encompasses all the necessary service components to back up our guarantees, essentially eliminating risk all together.

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