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Solar Developers, Investment Firms, Property & Business Owners

Louth Callan Renewables is revolutionizing the solar and energy storage construction industry for you. We understand it is more important than ever to help you adapt to market changes and amplify your success. LCR was founded to give developers, investors, property & business owners a better more efficient option in the construction of their assets. We guarantee significant cost savings compared to industry peers and the most transparent project management platform in the industry. After all your success is our success. 


Louth Callan Renewables prides itself as being a vertically integrated engineering, procurement and construction firm with boots on the ground throughout New England and neighboring areas. Construction is the root of our business and our experience in New England is unmatched. This experience allows us to always deliver on our safety, quality and production commitments.


Our Experiences & Services

At LCR, we know construction and we especially know SOLAR construction. Our roots run deep with over 40+ years experience developing and constructing solar & energy storage assets. Our team of NABCEP Certified designers, engineers and installers take the guesswork out of finding the most efficient and cost effective solutions for you. As one of the leading electrical construction companies in New England our solar experience includes: 


  • Ground Mounts

  • Tracker Arrays

  • Landfill & Brownfield

  • Carports

  • Rooftops

  • Energy storage



Quality, Creative and Efficient engineering is a major pillar in the success of your project. The Louth Callan Renewables team of electrical, structural and civil engineers bring decades of experience designing and optimizing solar and/or energy storage systems. We take your financial goals seriously and design systems to balance size, energy production and capital outlay to create the highest returns on investment possible. Each system is specifically tailored to its site and capex; opex and production are evaluated constantly to determine the best overall solution for your goals. 


In order to save you time and money we run the procurement process in parallel with our design process. Expertise, Experience and Negotiation are three factors Louth Callan Renewables relies on when procuring equipment for your projects and it’s one of the major areas where we work to reduce costs based on our vendor relationships. This phase sets us apart from our industry peers. Even though we all source the same equipment from the same top notch, tier one, industry leading vendors, our relationship with each vendor allows us to decrease costs pushing hundreds of thousands of dollars back into your return on investment. Our core values of - Discipline as well as Building Positive and Fun Relationships has given us the opportunity to transform the solar supply chain and pass those cost savings onto you.

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This is the bread and butter of what Louth Callan Renewables does, so much so that we created a sister company, LCR Electrical Construction, to make our construction abilities available to you. We've changed the game by utilizing technology and a military-style approach to constructing solar and energy storage systems in New England. Being a vertically integrated electrical construction firm licensed in CT, MA, RI, ME, VT, NH and NY allows us to streamline and expedite the construction phase while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. LCR utilizes modern technology and AI based project management software allowing for full transparency from start to finish, ensuring your asset completes construction on time and under budget.

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