With years of solar development experience, our team is well versed in solar engineering, procurement and construction

“EPC” is industry language for the project phase where we design, develop, and build your solar array. Louth Callan Renewables provides a complete range of solutions from government approvals and equipment sourcing to the building of your solar array.  As a client of Louth Callan, you will only have one point of contact on the project, keeping lines of communication open and easy. We leverage our industry expertise and vendor relationships to complete your project on time and within your budget.


Louth Callan Renewables provides comprehensive turnkey solar design, engineering, procurement and construction services for tailored Solar PV and Battery Storage installations. Our collective team has installed over 50 MW of installed power spread over 64+ projects.

Our EPC services include:

● Engineering and design
● Structural approvals
● Equipment procurement
● Utility process administration
● Regulatory project management
● Construction oversight
● Full Installation services (racking, panels,     inverters, electrical)
● Full Interconnection due diligence, approvals and commissioning
● Quality Control
● Operations and Maintenance


Engineering & Permitting

Louth Callan Renewables complies with NESC (National Electric Safety Code) standards. We have carefully fostered a nationwide partnership network of proven local electricians, structural and civil engineering firms, roofers and builders who have reliably served our clients. We also enjoy on-staff master electricians, greenfield experts, electrical and mechanical engineers, project managers and installation technicians and linemen to ensure that every solar project receives quality oversight  and implementation.

  • Site Visit to review and confirm existing site conditions

  • Coordinate between third party structural, civil, and electrical engineering firms

  • Internal quality control review for compliance with client guidelines

  • Advanced system output modeling

  • Municipal building and electrical permit submission and coordination

  • Planning and zoning approvals

  • Regulatory permit submission

  • Utility interconnection submissions

  • Feasibility and impact study management


With successful projects built across the Northeast, the Louth Callan Renewables team enjoys over 40 years of combined proven experience to design, procure, build and manage even the most complex solar installation. Louth Callan Renewables procures only Tier 1 investment grade panels for our projects and carefully selects top level equipment manufacturers for all system components. This circumvents unexpected budgetary changes while still providing the highest quality equipment for our projects. We use the latest in AI system monitoring with preventative and predictive analytics to ensure
the safe and optimal operations of every solar installation. We leverage our industry expertise and supplier relationships to complete your project on time and within budget.

  • Review purchasing relationships with preferred suppliers and manufacturers

  • Coordinate independent engineering firm review process

  • Full logistics management

  • Equipment review and decision with engineering

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Louth Callan Renewables provides a workmanship warranty for up to 25 years and offers up to 25-year operations and management agreement to make sure your system always remains optimally functioning. Our internal expert team includes in-house engineers and electricians, with multi-state licenses to ensure continuity and quality across multiple client locations. We evaluate every project for its power capacity on the grid and work closely with the utility to ensure speedy interconnection results. Our permitting and interconnection team has over a decade of experience working with local, state and municipal zoning agencies for successful navigation of property due diligence and approval processes. As a client of Louth Callan Renewables , you will have only one point of contact on the project, keeping lines of communication open and easy throughout construction.

  • Project management team follows project throughout its lifecycle

  • Onsite construction supervision for quality and safety

  • Weekly construction updates

  • Coordinate all inspections

  • Commissioning checklist to minimize post-construction punch list

  • Full system start-up

  • Professional engineer stamped installation and performance report

  • Ongoing operations and maintenance

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