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Louth Callan Renewables has significant experience financing U.S. solar projects, from mid-commercial to utility scale.

The right financing strategy and approach are crucial to realizing the full value or energy savings of any solar project. Louth Callan Renewables makes it easy. We work with a network of partners to provide each client with a financing solution that meets their specific needs. We offer a range of approaches for different sectors.

Interested in your BEST options?

Louth Callan Renewables builds quality solar installations and offers a portfolio, financing approach tailored to each client location, whether a solar site lease, a power purchase agreement (PPA) or a purchase option. We evaluate grid capacity, available state incentives, unique property characteristics and a client’s fiscal objectives to determine the best investment approach for each solar project. Our feasibility analysis may include a combination of onsite rooftop, ground mount and carport designs. Battery storage is included whenever applicable.


A solar site lease is an agreement to lease your property space for a solar installation. In a
site lease agreement, you turn an underused space – your roof, an open plot of land, or a
parking lot, into a brand new, stable revenue stream. The best part? There are no equipment
or maintenance obligations or costs to you whatsoever. The lease agreement typically lasts
for 20 or more years and ensures that the project will be a high-quality build and will be
removed at no expense once the lease period ends. Site leases are one of the many great
ways to become a part of the rapidly expanding solar energy community!

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  • You create new revenue from an otherwise unusable or underused space

  • You incur NO COSTS whatsoever for the system

  • You do not have to worry about system performance, maintenance or operating risk

  • You partner with LCR as an experienced company managing your new solar asset

  • You visibly demonstrate your environmental commitment

  • You meet sustainability goals

  • You can leverage the solar array in your branding communications

  • You show your support for the local economy and job creation



A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party investor (Louth Callan Renewables - LCR) owns, operates, and maintains the solar system. A host customer agrees to site the system on its property and purchases the system’s electric output from the Louth Callan Renewables for a pre-determined period. While many private companies use PPAs, they are a perfect option for government and nonprofit entities, because there is no upfront expense and the typical term (up to 25 years) provides more stable energy costs for future budget planning. This financial arrangement allows the host property owner to receive stable and much lower cost electricity over ehe long term. Since LCR also installs every project, we use the solar solution incentives to pay for any construction and ongoing operation of the solar facility.

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  • You incur no upfront capital costs and no new debt incurred

  • You get positive cash flow year one from day one

  • You enjoy predictable energy pricing over the long term

  • You have no worry over system performance or operating risk

  • You visibly demonstrate your environmental commitment

  • You show strong support for the local economy and job creation





You can turn your rooftop from a liability to an asset and make the most of every usable square foot. Even if your roof may need an upgrade, a solar installation can be a no cost investment.


Ground mounted systems are suitable for farmland, brown fields, and golf courses. They can be flexibly installed to rise off the ground, allowing you hybrid land use.

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Carports help you monetize your parking lots, truck yards, bus lines, or playgrounds witha commercial solar canopy that reduces operating expenses and provides shelter!

Want to know which option is the best fit for you? We are happy to show you!

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