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Solar Energy

Unlike most other technologies, ground mount solar installations (often known as “solar farms”) are quiet, produce no emissions, and do not increase road traffic. Instead, they quietly go about generating energy for years to come, helping to power our homes and businesses while providing a steady income for the landowner. Solar technology provides a clean, sustainable energy solution that complements other land uses.

Hybrid Land Use
Solar projects can prove beneficial for the land, especially when sited on low-producing areas of a farm property. Solar allows farmers or other landowners to make significant, consistent income from that portion of the property, while allowing the land to lie fallow and regenerate over time. Better yet, ground mount installations can rise up to 3 meters above ground, allowing the land to be shared by livestock or shade produce plantings alike.

Stewardship of the Land
As part of our commitment to our landowners, all site equipment is removed and the land is returned to a natural state once the project reaches its useful end, usually 25-years.

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