Louth Callan System Maintenance

Managing and operating a solar asset for the best return on investment requires specialized knowledge. Louth Callan’s operations and maintenance team includes licensed electricians, construction engineers and systems analysts experienced in managing and operating solar assets for maximum returns.

Our professionals will monitor your solar solution, identify faults remotely and keep you informed of performance. We insist on experienced data analysts, using the best tools to insure your solar solution’s profitability.

Why Does Proper Maintenance Matter?

You make an investment and expect returns.  A solar system’s performance that is monitored and properly maintained throughout its lifespan will meet or even exceed target energy generation and returns on investment. Louth Callan’s operations and maintenance team ensures that you receive the optimal environmental, energy and financial benefits from your system.

System Monitoring Chances are that your solar project could be on your facility’s roof. To ensure maximum energy production and power output, Louth Callan Renewables provides 24/7 system monitoring and alerts. Continual tracking of your system enables us to act quickly when irregularities arise.  We also provide yearly performance reviews so that you clearly understand the system production and its impact on your return on investment.


Preventative Maintenance Maximum performance is necessary to ensure that your system’s production translates into an incredible revenue stream.  Ongoing maintenance can help make sure a solar system is never losing money. Louth Callan Renewables inspects for any environmental and/or electrical conditions that may limit your system. By examining your system regularly, we can help prevent issues that may come about down the road. Smaller problems can easily get out of hand without early detection. Some examples include: damaged wiring/connections, inverter malfunctions, dirty modules, plant invasion, and pest infestation.


Corrective Maintenance Solar projects are outside and exposed to the elements.  There can always be electrical and environmental conditions that are bound to occur throughout the life of your system. This may include compromised equipment, shading, snow cover and other unfavorable factors. We are ready when the unforeseen happens. Louth Callan Renewables manages all of these situations seamlessly in a non-intrusive way, so that we can fix the issues and you can continue your day-to-day operations.


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