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Turn your roof from a liability to an asset!

Your Partner For Solar Development

Unused land such as brownfields and landfills can be turned into solar fields, generating electricity and making money for you month after month. Maximize your financial return with a long-term revenue stream and minimal risk.

Image by Zbynek Burival


Louth Callan Renewables works with landowners and their representatives to review and lease suitable land for the purpose of utility-scale solar farm development. A solar farm produces clean energy that is delivered to the electrical grid by the existing utility infrastructure. Standard solar generation could power thousands of homes in the local area. Through this strategy, hundreds, if not thousands, of people in nearby communities can benefit from clean solar power without any real effort or expense.

Our experience with project development, underwriting, financing, legal and tax structuring, construction management, and operations increases financial value and decreases risk for your project. You won’t be left with a half-finished construction site that needs financing.

Think your land is viable for a solar farm? Contact us and lets talk!

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