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No roof? No land? No problem!

What is Community Solar?

Think of a community garden sprouting lettuce, corn and tomatoes. This local resource provides a source of energy for the neighborhood. Now consider how “planting” a group of solar panels can produce clean energy to all nearby buildings for a lower overall energy cost. Community solar is a solar array that provides solar energy, financial benefits, or both to members through a voluntary program. Community solar is exploding throughout the United States and is a game changer for the solar industry. Community solar can refer to both community-owned projects as well as third party-owned plants whose electricity is shared by a community.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Today, many homeowners and small businesses cannot access solar power because they rent or perhaps have they have unfit roofs for a solar installation.  Louth Callan brings in engineering experts to determine the best solve, reinforcements or rebuild to determine if a community solar solution can work in a particular area. The primary purpose of community solar is to allow homeowners and business owners to share the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. Electricity generated by these solar farms normally costs less than the price a participant would pay their local utility.

Community solar is a subscription-based program allowing participants an easy entry in and exit out. No upfront costs. No capital outlay. It is a great way to meet your sustainability standards and green-energy objectives!

Want to subscribe to one of our Community Solar Projects? Contact us!

Sustainable Energy

Why Community Solar with Louth Callan Renewables?

  • Develop community solar projects across the U.S.

  • Full-service team from origination to operations

  • One project manager for the life of the project

  • Cheaper Utility Bills

  • Energy Independence

  • No upfront investment

  • Qualified participants need only have a meter

  • Subscribers can be large or small businesses

  • You don’t need to own a home

  • Supports the Local Economy

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