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Turn your roof from a liability to an asset!

Going Solar Isn't Just Possible,

It's Easier Than Ever.

Since nonprofits are not qualified for federal incentives, historically these projects have often relied on grant funding, which has become harder to obtain in recent years. While solar offers a great long-term solution for nonprofits, the upfront investment is almost always unrealistic since nonprofits prioritize incoming funds to manage pressing needs.

Louth Callan Renewables has mastered the ability to bring solar to nonprofits across the United States. Our goal is to help put money back into annual budgets, help keep teachers employed, and lower operational costs across the board.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Non-Profits & Solar

As solar has gained mainstream acceptance in the last ten years, schools, universities and hospitals are now benefitting in unprecedented ways without making cuts anywhere, without the need for grants, and without organizing fundraisers.  We will help you start saving money right away with no upfront costs. Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a solar installation dedicated to your school or hospital can reduce costs significantly in the first year.

Solar With No Upfront Capital Cost

For non-profits, Louth Callan Renewables utilizes a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that allows you to reach green energy goals and realize substantial savings with no  upfront costs.  Since schools do not have the ability to monetize current tax credits. the PPA allows non-profits to purchase the electricity but at large discounts over the long term.


Want your Non-Profit to start saving money? Contact us right away!


Benefits for Non-Profits Going Solar

  • No upfront capital costs

  • Savings start immediately after installation becomes operational

  • Fixed rate over 20-25 years, so you know exactly how much you’ll be saving

  • Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility

  • Limited Risk

  • Help reduce the U.S. economy’s reliance on foreign energy

  • Improve your sustainable brand image

  • Redirect monies for a learning platform for students

  • Put more money back into annual budget

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