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Louth Callan Renewables designs and manages everything you need to develop a solar project

Open land, empty rooftops and open parking lots represent a tremendous opportunity for generating energy and revenue. Louth Callan Renewables makes it easy. We work with property owners to develop solar arrays on their land or buildings which maximizes revenue and ROI, while reducing risk.

At Louth Callan Renewables we offer end to end project development to our clients with the objective to achieve the highest return on investment over the long term. Our experienced project advisors and engineers will help you target realistic objectives to meet your renewable energy goals. Whether you want to lease your land, roof or parking lot; or purchase a system as an investment we’ve you covered. 

Louth Callan Renewables follows the National Renewable Energy Laboratory recommendation for evaluating project development and installation.  We use a proven approach through six efficient steps of successful solar solution implementation to provide you with a seamless transition to clean energy.  Our expertise enables Louth Callan Renewables to help you achieve your energy goals as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Site Origination & Due Diligence 

Our development and planning process makes sure the project is successfully completed according to plan.  We follow a proven ten step project management process to effectively implement your solar solution. From location analysis and approval processes through technical planning of implementation. Our know-how and wealth of experience ensures economic efficiency and success.

Project Design & Engineering

We analyze existing information from current installations, your unique energy consumption and local weather patterns to gain a thorough picture of your installations’ energy production. Each design is tailored to specific client objectives and is customized to the site, the local climate as well as the funding, tax credits and incentives available.

Project Finance & Investment

Our collaborative network of valuable finance partners also experienced in developing solar energy projects is second to none. We help you select the perfect financial strategy and approach so critical to achieving the full value or energy savings of any solar project. 

Construction Management

Louth Callen Renewables brings trustworthy engineering, operational, procurement and construction resources to overcome any challenges along the way.  We have established reliable relationships with local installation firms to successfully deliver your solution from beginning to end. 

Image by Zbynek Burival
Image by Zbynek Burival

Grid Connection

Once your solar array has been installed, Louth Callan Renewables will secure the necessary utility approvals to interconnect your solution to the grid. This process requires your local utility provider to verify that your solar solution is compliant with technical and administrative requirements.  This is known as the interconnection process. We quickly move your project through this process, so you can generate revenue right away.

Asset Management

We know how to manage your solar solution for optimal outcomes.  We make sure that experienced professionals execute well in the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your assets so we can deliver the highest possible returns.

Let Louth Callan Renewables be your solar expert, Contact us today!

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