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Unlocking Opportunity Zone Funding for Solar

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the street and said, “I wish someone would just hit me over the head with a million dollars?” Ya, we thought there would be a few of you who have. Fortunately, an investment in solar might do just that! As a solar developer we’ve starting exploring a brand new solar opportunity that may help you get that smacked over the head “million…

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Solar, a good idea for any business.

Commercial solar makes great business sense even if you are a nonprofit. You can lower your current operating expenses, increase revenue, provide peace of mind against rising energy costs, and tap into the growing customer base that look for environmentally responsible vendors that are focused on sustainable energy strategies. Government & Utility incentives combined with recent decreases in equipment prices make the investment in solar a good financial decision for…

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Schools are switching to solar!

Though thousands of schools around the country have already taken advantage of the cost savings and many benefits which solar can provide, the opportunity is still generally underutilized. Schools have a unique advantage when it comes to solar energy because of the favorable building structures on each campus. The large, flat rooftops normally found on public, private, K-12 and university school buildings make many of these properties ideal candidates for…

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