From a single point of contact, Louth Callan Renewables designs and manages everything you need to develop a solar project for your business or open land

Unused land and empty rooftops represent tremendous opportunities for generating both energy and revenue. Louth Callan Renewables continues to make it easy. We work with property owners to develop solar energy systems on their land or buildings that maximize revenue and ROI, while minimizing risk.

At Louth Callan Renewables we offer turnkey project development to our clients with a mission to provide the highest return on investment over the project lifecycle. Our team of experienced project advisors and engineers will work with you to define and quantify your objectives. Whether you want to lease your roof or open land, or own a solar array, we can help you accomplish your development goals.

We have a disciplined approach to site selection, evaluation, and development that can optimize value for development partners of all sizes. Our full spectrum solar project lifecycle expertise enables Louth Callan Renewables to achieve its partners’ goals rapidly and efficiently.

Project Development Phases

Due Diligence – Our development and planning process ensures the success of the project according to plan, from location analysis and approval processes through technical planning of implementation. We enable solar projects around the globe. Our know-how and wealth of experience ensure economic efficiency and success

Project Design & Engineering – We analyze existing data from current installations and local weather patterns to gain a complete picture of your installations’ energy production. Each design is unique to the needs of the customer and is customized to the site, the local climate as well as funding, tax credits and incentives available

Project Finance & Investment – Our wealth of experience in obtaining financial support to develop solar energy projects is second to none. The right financing strategy and approach are crucial to realizing the full value or energy savings of any solar project. We work with a network of partners to provide each client with a financing solution that meets their specific needs

Construction Management – No solar project is cookie cutter. Each project brings its own set of challenges. To navigate them requires an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) team you can trust. Our team along with our trusted local installation firms will deliver your projects from beginning to end. Our partners are NABCEP-certified, PV installation professionals and engineers providing you with the most efficient, effective and reliable solar installation specifically created for you.

Grid Connection – A photovoltaic system will be given permission to interact with the power grid only after a formal approval has been issued by the utility company. The process through which a utility verifies a solar system’s compliance to its technical and administrative requirements is commonly referred to as interconnection process.

Asset ManagementManaging and operating solar photovoltaic (PV) assets for optimal return requires specialized knowledge and precise execution. Our team of power and solar professionals understands what it takes to properly manage, maintain, and deliver maximum revenue from operating solar assets. We provide full spectrum operations and asset management services for our own, as well as third party owned solar plants.

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