We Provide Solar

To large and small business owners, corporations, land owners, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, utility companies and municipal governments


Finally, U.S. business can reliably reduce energy costs thanks in part to the new regulatory environment and tax incentives for long-term renewable solutions. Ideal for manufacturers, distribution centers, auto dealers or corporate offices, solar solutions can be built on available roof space, parking lots, open land or brownfields.


Solar developers, like Louth Callan, are looking for available roof, parking lot and land space to host solar projects. Similar to your everyday lease agreement, we look to rent or lease the space from you. The agreement is typically structured for a 25-40 year lifespan. Louth Callan Renewables handles all areas of the project including development, engineering, construction, permitting, utility interconnection approvals, finance, commissioning and maintenance.


Schools, hospitals and municipal governments can always benefit from a little extra money in the budget. The challenge is finding it. Louth Callan Renewables helps find that money without making any cuts, and without need for grants or fundraising. You'll start saving money quickly utilizing a number of different finance options from Louth Callan Renewables.

Solar As a Financial Strategy

More corporations are selecting solar not only environmental reasons, but also for the financial improvement to the bottom line. Solar projects provide a reliable stream of cash flow, excellent long term value, rapid ROI,
and robust internal rates of return (between 12-25%). A solid solar solution can dramatically reduce electricity costs and create a new profit center by generating new incremental revenue. Today regulatory incentives are stronger than ever with promising trends for the future, so now is the perfect time to go solar.


The Louth Callan Renewables financial team has aligned solid programs of financial options through the most viable strategic financing and investment partners in the industry.


Armed with expertise in project finance, market regulations, incentives and construction, our development team helps you realize your solar energy opportunity and financial objectives.



The Louth Callan Renewables team are experts at securing capital for your project. Our executive team has years of experience raising capital to support solar project development across the country. New ways to pay for solar projects, like a power purchase agreement, mean a solar project is easily obtainable. We'll find the best solution that works for you.



Louth Callan Renewables understands the importance of maintaining solar plants at peak availability and maximum output over the long term. We provide full spectrum operations and asset management services for our own, as well as third party owned solar plants.